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July 17 Update

posted Jul 16, 2014, 9:35 PM by VWB Choir   [ updated Jul 17, 2014, 4:26 AM ]

Thanks to everyone for your great performance yesterday at the Concerts in the Park.  It was such a treat to the people in the audience to see and hear so many talented and happy young people.  Each of you should be proud to have contributed so much.


Today’s schedule 17 July.


9:00am – 1:00pm - The Festival Choir rehearses at the Presbyterian Church.  Maestro Escalada has asked    

     to extend the rehearsal until 1:00pm.   Please send a light snack to eat during the break.  This will be

     the final rehearsal of the Festival Choir before the dress rehearsal.  Pick up the Festival Choir  

     members and take home following the rehearsal  (at 1:00pm).

                                                                                                # # #


10:00am   Yip’s Choir and the LTYC Treble Choir are to be delivered to Perry Farms Village in time to

     rehearse at 10:00am for the performance.

11:00am – 11:45 Performance at Perry Farm Village.

12:00  noon– Lunch at Perry Farm Village.

12:30 noon – Depart from Perry Farm Village and go the Independence Village. Parent vans to transport.

1:30pm – Performance at Independence Village.

2:15pm – Parents and hosts pick up the singers and take home for a rest.  This is a very long day so

     please see that they have some quiet time here.

4:30pm - Yip’s Choir, Raahe Youth Choir, Mariachi del Rey, and the LTYC Treble and Touring Choirs

     depart from the United Methodist Church to go to Cross in the Woods Shrine in Indian River.  We will

     have a quick rehearsal followed by dinner.

7:00pm - Concert at Cross in the Woods.  Directors please DO NOT sing more than 12 minutes this


8:30pm or 9:00pm - Host families and parents who attend the concert may pick up the singers and take home from

     Indian River at 8:30pm – or – if parent or host in not attending the concert, you may pick up your performers at

     the United Methodist Church in Petoskey at 9:00pm.  Take them home for the night.

                                                                                                # # #

6:30pm - DaCapo Choir and the Grupo Coral Agape Choir will warm up at the Zion Lutheran Church in

     Petoskey.   Dave Pugh is in charge of this concert.  Directors, DO NOT sing more than 25 minutes this


7:00pm - Concert at the Zion Lutheran Church.

8:00pm – Host families and parents pick up your guests and take home for the night.