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July 18 Update

posted Jul 17, 2014, 10:55 PM by VWB Choir
18 JULY UPDATE - Congratulations to all of you for successful concerts last evening. The audiences

really appreciated your efforts.

Today’s schedule has only one change. Maestro Escalada has asked for an extra half hour rehearsal with

the Festival Choir so they will stay until 12:30pm.

Parents and hosts, please note that the time listed for rehearsals and concerts is the time that the

participants should be in their places. This is not the time that they should be getting out of the car. We

thank you in advance for bringing everyone promptly.

Bring a snack since it will be a longer amount of time than your other rehearsals. No snacks on stage.

9:00am All groups rehearse in John M. Hall Auditorium at Bay View. Wear your own choir t-shirts.

12 Noon Hosts pick up all non-Festival Choir members. Festival Choir members remain until 12:30pm.

12:30pm Hosts pick up Festival Choir members. Afternoon free.

6:00pm Mariachis please be here at 6:00pm to play for the audience as they arrive at the auditorium.

6:30pm All return to John M. Hall Auditorium at Bay View. In concert attire.

7:00pm All choirs at Festival Gala Concert at Bay View Auditorium. Host families receive two free


9:00pm Pick up all festival members and take home for the night.