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July 20 Update

posted Jul 20, 2014, 4:33 AM by VWB Choir

UPDATE 20 JULY, 2014


Congratulations to  the choirs and Mariachis for your successful concert at Charlevoix last evening and thank you for being able to follow the many changes in the program.  These were caused by the late arrival of luggage to the concert. You all did a great job.  Thank you.




The first problem is that the bus for Yip’s Choir from Hong Kong is delayed. It was supposed to arrive in time to depart from the Methodist Church in Petoskey at 7:00am.  It has been delayed and you must now meet at the church at 12:15pm.  Host families have been notified and are requested to provide a substantial breakfast and if possible you are requested to provide a lunch for the road as they will have little time to stop on their way to Toronto.  If you are not able to do this, please let Mrs. Kukuk , know as soon as possible via e-mail at sarcoaz@msn.com   or call her at 602 618 2807. Jack Kukuk will be at the church at 7:00am in the event anyone has not received this message.


The second problem is that the mid-day activity for the Mexican choir has been canceled.  We now need help keeping them from the time they finish singing at the Methodist Church service this morning at approximately11:00am until they depart the churchat 3:30pm to go to the church potluck dinner at Lavender Hill Farms.


If you are a host family, could you please take them home again following the church service and bring them back to the church again at 3:30pm?  If you cannot do this, please let Jack Kukuk know when you bring your Mexican guests to the Church for the warm up at 9:30am.  Luggage may be  dropped off at the church at that time if you cannot keep them until 3:30pm.


If you can take them home with you following the morning church serviceand can bring them back at 3:30pm, please let Jack Kukuk know when you bring them to warm up at 9:30am or send send an e-mail to Jack atchoralfest1@gmail.com  indicating this.


The group from Raahe Finland will sing as previously planned at the First Christian Church and will depart for Toronto as planned following the church service.  The Mariachis and Da Capo Choir from the Czech Republic will be in Charlevoix as planned.


For those leaving today, we wish you safe travels and thank you for being with us this week.  You were wonderful guests.