Would you like to become a
VWB member? There are many ways you can help!

Adopt a Star

During the festival, think of the children singing, dancing and playing together and know that your contribution will have helped to bring an enthusiastic, grateful and excited young participant.
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Home Stays
It would be impossible to host a festival without the generosity of our host families who open their homes and hearts to these enthusiastic and grateful visitors.
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Support LTYC! Become a Friend of the Choir!

Think of the excitement throughout our own choir when new music is passed out or the smile of a grateful LTYC member who learns they can now sing or travel because of a scholarship, made possible by your support. We hope you will consider becoming a Friend of the Choir. Your support is greatly appreciated!
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ontact Sara Russell-Kukuk at 602.618.2807 or e-mail with questions.