The 2019 Children of the World in Harmony Festival will be available one month before the festival. We have listed the 2017 Festival Schedule below so that you may have a sample to browse. The 2019 festival will bring new groups to Northern Michigan. 


DRAFT. Subject to change – please note the date at the bottom of the schedule.  Please destroy any previous copies of the schedule as it changes frequently.  Each morning by 7:00am an updated schedule for that day will be posted at with any changes.  It is vitally important that you check that schedule each day before departing your home.  This may include costume changes or changes because of weather.



Tues., July 18, 2017         2:44pm ­- Vinschool (Vietnam) group arrives at the Traverse City  Airport: 

AA3621 18JUL 2 DFW-TVC* 1105 - 1444 /DCAA*IWJBSZ /E   Pick-up by VWB van (Dale Hull and Jeff Watton) at Airport and deliver directly to Emmet County Fairgrounds.

3:00pmLittle Eagles of Siberia (Russia) depart Charlevoix for Emmet County

Fairgrounds. Wear your choir T-shirts

                                                      4:00pm  - Little Eagles of Siberia and Vinschool participants arrive at Emmet

County Fairgrounds to meet host families and load their luggage.

5:00pm All festival participants and hosts. Festival Welcoming Ceremony at

Emmet County Fair Grounds.  Native American (Odawa) Blessing of Festival.

6:00pm – Little Eagles of Siberia and Vinschool participants go home with host

families for the evening.                                    


Wed, July 19, 2017          9:00am – 11:00amFestival Choir members very important first rehearsal at  

                                                           the First Presbyterian Church, 501 E Mitchell St. Petoskey. Host families  

                                                           please provide a sack lunch for Festival Choir members to eat following      

                                                           the rehearsal. 

11:30amThe Tookula Choir from Germany arrives at Pennsylvania park in

downtown Petoskey.  A lunch will be provided for the choir.

11:30am – All non-Festival Choir participants arrive at Pennsylvania Park. Eat at

home prior to arriving OR bring a sack lunch.

12 Noon – 1:45pm  All Festival Participants.-free Concerts in the Park

Downtown Pennsylvania Park Petoskey.

NOTE: In the case of rain, we will move to the Crooked Tree Arts Center at 461 E Mitchell St, Petoskey, MI 49770 Please be certain to arrive prior to noon so we have an opportunity to organize the various groups to get them ready for the concert, either in the park or at Crooked Tree Arts Center. In any event, the Tookula Youth Choir, the Little Eagles Choir, and the Vinschool  ensemble must have their costumes for the evening with them when they arrive at the park.  The German choir should wear their informal outdoor performance outfit to the park and have the costume they want to perform in for the evening readily available.  Also, it is important that the German choir bus waits at the park with the luggage until the choir sings. The bus will then take them to the St. Francis Church where the luggage will be unloaded into the church.


1:45pm Harbor Highland Dancers and Treble choir picked up at the park.

2:00pm Tookula Choir, Little Eagles and Vinschool rehearsal at St. Francis

Church. LTYC is the host.

5:00pm – 6:30pm Tookula Choir, Little Eagles and Vinschool evening meal

provided. The LTYC Choir will host the meal and serve as ushers, etc.

7:00pmTookula Choir, Little Eagles and Vinschool- free concert at St. Francis

Xavier Church.

8:30pmAll participants picked up by host families at St. Francis.

               Boyne City hosts – hopefully you will be attending this performance and   

 will be able to pick you guests and luggage at the church after the    concert.


Thurs., July 20, 2017       12:15pm – 2:30 pm - Festival Choir only rehearses at Boyne City Education

Center (BCEC) gymnasium. 321 S Park St. Use Main Street Entrance. Eat

Prior to arriving.  Bring Concert Attire

3:00pm - All other Festival Groups - Rehearse in Boyne City Education Center

(BCEC)  Gymnasium. 321 S Park St. Use Main Street Entrance. Please  

arrive a little early to get ready. Bring concert attire.

5:00pm - Picnic for participants in Veteran’s Park in Boyne City.

7:00pmTookula, Little Eagles, Vinschool, LTYC and Festival Choir-free Concert

at Boyne City Education Center (BCEC) gymnasium – 321 S Park St. Use main Street Entrance. 

8:30pm - All participants picked up by host families at the BCEC Gym.


Friday, July 21, 2017       All events this day are at the Harbor Springs Performing Arts Center

                                                      10:30am - Tech staff move in at Harbor Springs PAC.

1:00pm  - Festival Choir only Rehearses, please arrive a little early to be ready to  

                   begin rehearsal on time.  Bring concert attire.

3:00pm - All participants.  Dress rehearsal for Gala Concert. Bring concert attire

for evening concert.

5:00pm - All participants.  Dinner at Harbor Springs Cafeteria.

6:00pm - All participants.   Dress in Concert attire and makeup for all


6:30pm - Doors open to public.

7:00pm - All Festival groups to perform in the Festival Gala Concert - This

concert will include the VWB International Festival Choir and the 150 Voice Massed Choir.

Ticketed Adult $12 ­­­­­­– Students through High School $5 - Under five free.  Reserved seating, $25. Each host family will receive two free general admission tickets to the concert.  Tickets on sale at the Petoskey and Harbor Springs Chambers of Commerce and at the door.

                                                      9:15pmAll participants - host families pick up.


Sat., July 22, 2017   8:30amGerman Tookula  Choir – Petoskey host families deliver participants to the

Little Traverse Historical Museum building on the waterfront.  100 Depot St., Petoskey for departure. Please be on time.

Noon – All remaining participants have lunch with host family.

1:00pm - All participants who need transportation to Cheboygan, meet at the

Little Traverse Historical Museum building on the waterfront.  100 Depot St., Petoskey and load on to a bus. Host families may take their participants directly to Cheboygan but must call Sara Russell 602 618 2807 the day before if they choose to do this.

2:00pmAll other participants who will ride with their host families need to be

dropped off at the Festival Square Pavilion in downtown Cheboygan.

3:00pmLittle Eagles of Siberia, Vinschool, Odawa dancers, Harbor Highland  

                 Dance, LTYC -Free Concert

                                                      4:30pm All participants to go home with host families or on bus.




Sunday,  July 23, 2017   7:30am Vinschool (Vietnamese) group loads onto VWB van (Dale Hull) at the

Little Traverse Historical Museum building on the waterfront.  100      

Depot St., Petoskey to travel to Traverse City Airport. Please be on time.  

I you miss the bus, they will need to be delivered to the airport.

9:30am - Krasnoyarsk City Children's Choir - the Little Eagles of Siberia will

depart the Little Traverse Historical Museum building on the waterfront.  100 Depot St., Petoskey for Charlevoix, MI to board the 11:30 ferry to Beaver Island – overnight with host families. Contact person is Ann Partridge, Beaver Island Community Center     231 448-2022 center 231 448-2454 home 231 881-8454 cell   Beaver Island Community Center.

11.06am – Vinschool departs from Traverse City Airport on AA2897 23 JUL

TVC-ORD 1106  1115  /DCAA IWJBSZ /E  



Revised 9:00pm

 July 15, 2017