Voices Without Borders (VWB) is aware that the entire world is facing a crisis as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic cuts across cultures, national and geographic borders, social classes, ethnicities, businesses, and religions. Those of us in the arts have either had to make considerable adjustments or come to a complete halt. Performing artists are by nature, collaborators and members of ensembles. We work closely together to make beautiful music, theatre, and dance. Being together is how we create and performing for groups of people is what we do.

With this in mind, VWB has made the decision to present the 25th Children of the World in Harmony Virtually Live & Globally Inclusive Festival in June 2021. Because of the uncertainty of international travel, we are inviting up to six choirs to participate virtually. We invite you to join us as one of the virtual choirs. A brief application form is attached. 


(Application available in FORMS)

The Virtual choir performances will be presented in the Festival Gala Concert which will be live streamed internationally on Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 7:00pm US Eastern Standard Time (subject to change).The broadcast will also be available on the VWB webpage for several months following the initial streaming. In the event the festival will have a live component with choirs from Michigan and the surrounding states and Canadian provinces, the virtual choirs may also appear in other festival concerts.


Each participating virtual choir will send a high quality video of a performance piece or two from a recent concert or a specially prepared virtual choir performance of no more than a total of six-minutes to be presented on the Virtually Live & Globally Inclusive Festival Gala concert. Also, virtual choir participants will have selected choir members record their voices for the two songs to be presented at the conclusion of the Gala Concert. The songs are “The Borders Disappear” and “Voices Without Borders” Instructions for recording and submitting these songs will be sent to each choir. These combined voices will be listed in the program as the “Voices Without Borders International Festival Choir.”

FESTIVAL OBJECTIVES: The Festival objectives are:

  • to present outstanding children’s and youth choirs or dance and instrumental ensembles from around the world to promote and advance children and youth choral singing and dance.
  • to bring together children’s and youth choirs, dance, and other performing ensembles in order to share music and dance, exchange cultural ideas and experiences, and to promote peace and better understanding among the participants.
  • to create a dialogue on peace through joint concerts, social activities, and home stays; either virtually or live and in person when the             opportunity presents itself.

MUSICAL/ARTISTIC OBJECTIVES: The musical/artistic focus of the festival will be to present music and dance of the highest quality drawn from the traditional, folk, classical and contemporary styles of the participating choirs and dance ensembles.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: The official language of the festival is English. 

FEE DEADLINES, NOTIFICATION AND CONFIRMATION: Each individual virtual choir is requested to pay a fee of $300 to cover organizational costs for the festival. This fee is due on or before December 30, 2020. However, VWB understands that because of current international crisis situations, there may be reasons payment of these fees may not be possible. If your choir is unable to pay this fee, VWB will seek individuals or organizations to help with the payment. Please let Dr. Jack Kukuk, Festival Producer know if this support will be necessary. We do not want any choir to be unable to participate because of lack of finances. Fees may be paid by electronic mail. Ask for details from Dr. Kukuk at Fees are in US Dollars.   

OBLIGATION OF PARTICIPANTS:   All participants, directors, accompanists, and adult supervisors give permission to the Festival Committee to use the film, videotape, and recording of  their voices, images, and performances for use in a Festival videos and still photographs.  Participation in the festival signifies acceptance of these obligations.



  • provide complete biographical information on the group & director & a group and director photograph.
  • abide by all international copyright laws and perform only music or dance that in the public domain for which the group has purchased the music and/or obtained the rights to perform said works. Festival organizers will not be responsible for the failure of the groups to do so, If the music is unpublished, the choir must have permission from the owner to perform the music. We need permission giving the festival hosts the right to record the music for broadcast. Copyright permission to perform the music on your program is your responsibility and choirs will hold harmless the festival presenters and agents for any violations.


REPERTOIRE:  All music groups are encouraged to perform some of the traditional songs/music/dance from their own culture, region, or country. Groups may also perform classical and contemporary choir music or dance from throughout the world.


COMPETITION:  There is no competition during the Festival.  The festival committee believes this more readily promotes friendship and understanding among the participants.


CORRESPONDENCE:  All written correspondence must be addressed to Voices Without Borders. Email:  Mailing address:  Voices Without Borders, 320 Crown Pointe Drive, Petoskey, MI 49770